Freedom from Frequent, Frivolous Prying into Peoples’ Pursuits

During my second year of middle school I was introduced to the world of social media. I typed my name in, chose a password, and started answering questions. After adding a few pictures, I felt like I was ready to go. Over the years I saw the numbers on my friends list increase. Sometimes, I’d even go through and purge the list to feel more “authentic”. Almost ten years later, I’m sick of it. Why do I have this virtual world of friends? Sure, I know everyone on my friends’ list. Yet, I wonder how can I claim to truly care about someone when the effort I put into the relationship is typing in my password, clicking on their name, then typing “How are you?” What kind of friend am I when my mind is tired and I get sick of talking to someone I type “gtg” and I’m done? People claim this to be a way to keep up the communication with their friends. Yet, I have to ask why do we really have these accounts?

I’ve quit the whole shenanigan. I’m done with the so-called friends list. And not all that surprisingly, I have some free time. I spend more time talking with the people I see on the shuttle and my friends at the coffee shop. I’ve even taken up painting. The freedom in quitting such a frivolous hobby has taken a weight off of my shoulders. Imagine a life where you just enjoy the moment, and don’t feel the need to post and boast about it to everyone. I feel like I can breathe again.

Life is beautiful, and I feel so sorry to have wasted so much time. I will not say that all social media is a waste of time for every person. However, if you find yourself going to check on a friend’s page because they have been sick and you want to make sure their okay, then hours later are still logged in, searching through friends pictures and statuses. Maybe, just maybe, you could take a break from it. Don’t use it for a day or even a week. See what happens. What could you be doing with your free time that you spend in front of the computer looking at your high school classmates’ photos, wondering if they’re still all they claimed they’d be? Just a challenge, please do not feel the need to accept it. I’d be willing to bet though, that by taking a step back, you’d realize you spend more time than is probably healthy scanning peoples’ walls. I know for me, this change, while difficult at first, has given my life a boost of energy.

Such a Small Seed, Does it Really Count? Garden of Life part 3

 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever one sows that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life. ~ Galatians 6:7-8

It’s your first day there; you’re the new guy/girl. You’ve put on your best suit and you try to walk professionally down to your new desk while having about a hundred things in your hand. Maybe you are not a business person; maybe your first day at the job is in the classroom, in the emergency room taking stats, behind the counter taking an order, jumping in the truck to pick up trash, or maybe a ton of other things that would take too long to list. Who knows, maybe that first day for you is sitting at a desk listening to a teacher lecture and assign worksheets. No matter where that first day is, you try to look your best. You try to put the best mask on, playing possibly the next biggest charade of your life, hoping you’ll make a good impression.

This first day is the start of a new chapter; you’re ready for the challenge of the next step. With this new chapter though, like most of us, you’ve left behind things: friends, other jobs, places, and a whole bunch of things that make up the history of you. You wonder who your friends will be this time. What new hobbies might accompany you on this leg of the journey? Do you realize that your new friends, hobbies, and even your job will affect you?

As many times as I’ve had a new chapter in life, those times could be counted on just two hands as of right now, I have hoped I would make the best impression. Lately, though, something else has been weighing heavily on my mind. I look back at the old chapters, taking time to stop every few pages. I wonder if I’ve made a difference. Have my actions shown people Who I love? Have I loved the people around me like I’m called to do? Or have I been so caught up in finding a new friend that I do whatever is necessary to obtain that friendship? How many times has my best impression required extra weeding out time because it was MY best impression and not His?

In this garden of life, the things we sow (plant), are the things we will reap (harvest). You ask any farmer, that knows what he/she is doing, and they will tell you: if you want corn, you plant corn; if you want lima beans you plant lima beans. What do you want out of life? Do you wish to love the body God has given you? Then surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook. Do you want to be a giving person? Then don’t spend an abundant amount of time with those who are stingy. Please realize that I said an abundant amount of time. In order to be a witness, you ought to spend time with people, even those who may not hold certain values and morals that are important. But spending time with them does not mean calling them your dearest friend. Just like friends make an impact on us, our hobbies, our jobs, the things we spend our time doing, will impact our lives. What good is your hobby doing you? What are the negative aspects of your hobby? Is your hobby worth the risks, if any, that it may lead you to? Does your hobby draw you closer or farther away from your Heavenly Creator? Do your friends draw you closer or farther away from your Heavenly Creator? You see, God loves us. He made this beautiful planet for us to live on. He paints the sunsets and encourages the silly squirrels to scurry around for our enjoyment. Life, love, and laughter are all around you. God didn’t create this world for us to spend our time here moping around, waiting impatiently for it to end. He wants us to enjoy our time here. Enjoying our time here, in a godly way, is an act of worship to Him.

You’ve been given this garden of life; each new chapter gives you a newly plowed ground to plant seed in. Be mindful of the seeds you are planting. They will impact your life. Sometimes the smallest seeds reap the biggest harvest. Realize that what and whom you decide to place in your life will leave a mark on your soul.

*A small note regarding what I have said. Often I find an inner argument of how God places the people in our lives that we have there. Why should we “decide” who stays? Isn’t that deciding God’s job? Well yes, you are right, and so is my inner arguer. God places people in our lives. Every person you come into contact with is not an accident. Yet, you don’t call everyone you meet your closest buddy. You do not mimic the actions of every guy/girl at work. Each person placed in your life is there for a reason, but not every reason comes out to be the same thing. Some are to become your dear friends, some mentors, some are tests, some need your help, some need your prayers, and some need to see you because they need to see God’s work in you. In order for you to complete the “deciding” part of who stays and goes, you must pray. Pray that God will send people in your life that will encourage and strengthen your walk with Him. Pray that He will send people in your life that you can minister to. Pray that He will give you a discerning mind and heart so that you will know what to do. He has all the answers, and in due time He will help you sort it all out.