Good day to you!

I teach first grade in small-town USA and love the community I am in. God has surrounded me with people who love Him, love others, and love to serve, for this I am eternally grateful. My people keep me focused on the things that should matter most in this life. They’re the reason I’m here. I hope that through your time here, maybe, somehow, we can make the world a better place by creating an environment where we share our favorite things, and even the not-so-favorite things. I pray that this is a place where we can learn to say: “Me too!” for the good and terrible things.

10 things that may help you know me a little better:

1)      I grew up in a conservative home and the mixing of that with my personality made for a very close-minded, Bible-believing young lady that I grew up to be. However, as I have continued on my journey I have found a friend and His name is Jesus. I’m realizing that I don’t have all of the answers, but He does. I’ve learned that He doesn’t love me for the moments I do the right thing. I could never live up to those standards. He loves me because of who He is. Living life with Him doesn’t mean it’s perfect. My life is filled with ups and downs. There are days I’m on the brink of crying enough to make another ocean. Then there are days that I’m ready to dance. Living in His grace is such a humbling experience that I’m learning to love.

2)      Coffee and chocolate – these are important.

3)      I long to travel the world.

4)      I was diagnosed with Endometriosis several years ago. This discovery has sent me on a slightly different path than I was planning.

5)      Pottery, scrapbooking, painting, journaling, and blogging are a few of my favorite things.

6)      I see the small details in everything and everyone. The little items that most people miss, stand out to me as if they are the main idea.

7)      I take pleasure in watching football and baseball… and basketball.

8)      I love rain. A rainy day, sitting in a coffee shop with a good book, or spending my time writing = a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

9)      I delight in trying new foods.

10)   Music is my language. I play a few instruments, love to sing, and often fill my morning commutes with the radio playing a variety of tunes.

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