Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday is going to be where I tell you, my wonderful audience, three things that I like. If my post inspires you to try something out please let me know! I’d love to know about your experiences as well!

Here are today’s three things:


She Reads Truth is a phenomenal devotional website. They start out with themes. For instance, right now they are themed “Lent” and are going through a set of devotionals that discusses repentance, remembering Christ our Savior’s suffering, and returning to Him as our Redeemer. Each devotional starts out with scripture, sometimes it’s a chapter, sometimes they grab fragments from several chapters. Next, they write a short-long bit about a story related to the topic, how God is working on them through this set of devotions, etc. Oh, did I mention that there are several women that write for this blog? This is one of the best parts for me. I love seeing different scriptures and how other people relate to them.


These two young ladies, Chloe and Steph, approach the world of makeup with a humorous twist. This almost eleven minute video is worth your time! It brought me to tears the first time I watched it because I was laughing so hard; I still laugh every time I watch it. I cannot wait to see where these girls go with their lovely videos!

3) Homemade Chicken ‘n’ Dumplins

Prep time: depends on how fast of a cook you are…


  • Two 10.75 oz. cans of Cream of Chicken soup (one of the bigger cans is fine too)
  • 2-3 Chicken breasts cooked
  • Water (equal amount to the Cream of Chicken soup)
  • Two 7.5 oz. cans of biscuits, I use Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits
  • Pepper


  • Cook and cut up chicken into little chunks.
  • Put Cream of Chicken soup and water into a pot. I usually measure the water with the cans from the Cream of Chicken soup.
  • Add chicken to pot. Bring pot of ingredients to a boil.
  • Pull apart biscuits into little pieces and put into boiling Cream of Chicken soup. I usually put a little bit of flour in a bowl and drop the biscuits in there before pulling them apart; this tends to make it easier and less sticky.
  • Cover and cook for twenty minutes (or until the dumpins, biscuits, are cooked).
  • Pepper to taste.

I usually pair this with fried potatoes.