Traditional Tuesday – Spring

It’s officially spring! I love this time of year. It has to be my favorite season, along with winter, fall, and summer. I love each season for a different reason. Did you catch the rhyme there? Spring, though, has always been extra special to me. Even though I know January 1st is the official New Year, my year doesn’t seem to start until spring. It’s a time of renewal and birth. When I see the buds on the trees and the birds’ eggs in the nests and the grass becoming green again, it reminds me of all the wonderful things in this world.

I’ve thought for days about what kind of traditions I keep in spring. Writing these posts has made me realize that I don’t have a lot of traditions for certain times of the year. That being said, I have figured out one thing that I do consistently each spring. This beautiful tradition involves windows, a blanket, and a good book or my favorite movie. Each year around this time, when it is beginning to warm up a little outside, I open up the windows, curl up in a nice blanket, and either read a book or watch a favorite movie of mine. I love the feel of the slightly too chilly wind. I love the sound of the neighbor kids laughing as they race each other down the street. Sometimes, I love standing by an open window watching the squirrels run across the trees’ branches and the birds building their nests.

I would like to add a few more traditions for this time of year. With my love for spring and since it’s a time of renewal and birth, it only makes sense to enjoy this time of year with a new tradition or two. Do you have any suggestions? I would love to learn about your spring traditions! What do you like to do around this time of year? Do your spring traditions include cleaning? Fishing? Gardening? Or maybe baseball?

Traditional Tuesday

As an education major, my classes consist of a lot of cultural competence discussions. One of the topics within cultural competence is about how each person has a culture. The way you eat, what you listen to, the way you dress, the holidays you do or don’t celebrate, those are all aspects of your culture. This have been a particular struggle for me. Being a mostly middle class European American seems really “uncultured”. In order to overcome this struggle I have created Traditional Tuesday. When I can, I will post on Tuesdays about traditions that I partake in.

With my birthday being this month, my first Traditional Tuesday will be about the birthday traditions in my family.  It is important to note that my family and I do not celebrate Christmas because this small fact seems to have influenced our birthday celebrations.

My first birthday tradition is cake! Each birthday since my fourth birthday I have had a chocolate chip cookie cake. If you’ve never had a cookie cake, you must find you nearest cookie cake maker and treat yourself to some great yumminess. I buy my cookie cakes from the Great American Cookies Company. I’m not saying you have to buy from them; I’m just saying, I’ve been eating their cookie cakes for sixteen years and they haven’t failed me yet. Like most birthday cakes, my cookie cakes are usually decorated with icing. I’ve had Dr. Seuss’s cat in the hat decorations, despicable me minions jumping on a piano, balloons, and even a license. My latest request was a rainbow. Cookie cake is the best!

My next birthday tradition started when I was very little. This is where I think the not celebrating Christmas has influenced a birthday tradition. Every birthday my parents ask me what I want for my birthday, and I try to provide them with a list of what I would like. Sometimes they buy these gifts up to two or three months before my birthday. My parents then wrap the presents and set them out in the living room. The presents just sit there, waiting until my birthday to be opened; I do usually end up persuading my parents to let me open them a little before my birthday though.

Another birthday tradition my family and I keep started when I was sixteen. My parents had a rule that I was not allowed to officially date until I was sixteen. This basically meant that going on dates without chaperone was not accepted until my sixteenth birthday. On my sixteenth birthday, my daddy was my first date. During my freshman year of high school, I had experienced the wonderful cuisine of Greek food from a local restaurant at an extracurricular academia event. I decided that’s where I wanted dad to take me. This restaurant is an absolute delight! Going by the name of Mythos, this restaurant serves traditional Greek cuisine in a very elegant way. Every year since my sixteenth birthday, my dad and I go to Mythos and enjoy a lovely meal. The only difference is my mom joins us too!

I love birthdays. They have always been a special thing in my family. I would love to learn about your traditions! What are some of your birthday traditions? Do you celebrate birthdays or are they just another day? Let me know below in the comments!